New books in the library – August 2014

A selection of new books added to our library catalogue this month:

Modern Clinical Collection

Clinical problems in dentistry: 50 OSCE and Scrs for the postgraduate dentist / John Laszlo.
Xlibris LLC, 2013

Dental foundation training: the essential handbook for foundation dentists / Amnit Rai.
London : Radcliffe Publishing Ltd, 2014

How to get through revalidation: making the process easy / Peter Davies
London : Radcliffe Publishing, 2013

OSCEs for dentistry / Katleen FM Fan
3rd ed.
Knutsford, Cheshire : PasTest, 2013

History of Medicine Collection

Blood: a biography of the stuff of life / Lawrence Hill
London : Oneworld, 2014

The story of pain: from prayer to painkillers / Joanna Bourke
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2014

History of Glasgow and Scotland Collection

Impaled upon a thistle: Scotland since 1880 / Ewen A Cameron
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2010

The Scottish soldier and empire, 1854-1902 / Edward M Spiers
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, c2006

For more details on the above titles and to view other works in our collections search our online catalogue at

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